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In this How-To, you will learn about the settings you can define for your reservation notifications. Among other things, you define whether you allow overbooking, whether you allow reservations to be checked in for busy staff members/resources, and how your reservations end. Also, you choose whether or not to settle reservations in the cash register.  

In the POS menu, open Reservations > Reservation Settings > General tab.

⮕ You will now see all the presets that you can make for your future reservations. Screenshot

Reservation Rules

Allow Overbooking

Activate this option if you want to allow another overlapping reservation for an existing reservation.

Example: You have made a reservation with a customer for a service that will take 2 hours. Instead of waiting 2 hours for the service to finish, if the Allow overbooking option is selected, another reservation for e.g. a 15-minute service can be added to the existing reservation in the meantime.

Allow Check-in of Reservations for busy Staff Members / Resources

Enable this option to allow existing reservations to be checked in at a service provider even though this service provider is busy.

Example: One of your staff members already has several appointments today. But now it turns out that he is supposed to do an inventory today and therefore cannot serve any customers. With this setting you can allow other staff members to take over this staff member's appointments without changing the staff member assignment.

Allow adjustment of the reservation duration of an active reservation

Specify here whether it should be possible to adjust the duration of an active reservation.

End Reservations

You have two options to end existing reservations: On planned end time automatically and Always manually.

  • Always manually: Enable this option if you want to end reservations manually.
  • On planned end time automatically: Activate this option if you want reservations to end automatically at the scheduled end. For table reservations, for example, this means that the table is automatically released when the reservation period expires. Screenshot

Reservation Settlement

Enable the Reservation settlement in the cash register option if you want reservations to end only if they have already been paid. Screenshot

Additionally, in the POS menu, under Sales > Sales Settings, enable the End Reservation on checkout option to close the reservation after the checkout.


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