Putting the Epson TM-20II Receipt Printer into Service on the enfore device

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Would you like to put your Epson TM-20 II into Service on the enforeComet? In this How-To you will learn how to connect the Epson TM-20II printer and your enforeComet

Set up the Epson TM-20II Printer

► Connect the printer to your enforeComet or enforeDasher using a USB cable.
The USB sockets can be found on the left and right under the display of your enforeComet or enforeDasher.

Connecting the printer to the enforeComet or enforeDasher

Make sure that there is a receipt roll in your Epson TM-20II Receipt Printer.

  1. In the POS-Menu, open Business Account > Devices
    ⮕ The view of the settings of the currently operated Cash Register is displayed.
  2. Switch to the tab Device Usage.

  3. Tap into the Receipt Printer field.
    ⮕ The Select Receipt Printer window opens.
    This window displays all printers that are connected to other devices.

  4. Tap on [+ Printer] to add another Receipt Printer.
    ⮕ The Connect Device window opens.
    After finishing the search, the available or connected devices are displayed in the overview.
  5. Tap on the device that you want to connect to enfore POS.
    ⮕ The Connect Receipt Printer window opens.

  6. If possible, choose a name and POS Location for the device.
  7. Confirm the selection with [Complete].
    ⮕ The newly added Receipt Printer was assigned to the enforeComet or enforeDasher as a Receipt Printer and is displayed in the printer view.


Connect printers to the enforeDonner

If you have connected the printer and your enforeDonner to the same network, you still need to configure your printer and assign it as a Receipt Printer. How to connect the printer to your enforeDonner is explained in the How-To Assign Receipt Printer to the enforeDonner

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