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In this How-To you will learn how to close a Cash Register. 

Close Business Day

Before you close your Business Day, you can still make any necessary Cash Drawing. 

  1. Go to Sales > Accounting.
  2. Click on [Close Business Day].
    ⮕ The Count Cash window opens.

    Depending on the setting selected, the expected Cash Balance is displayed when counting. 

  3. Carry out the count.
  4. Tap on [Save].
    ⮕ The Completion window is displayed. The Business Day has ended.



You can print out the Z-Report directly or send it via email. You will also find it in the history after it has been completed and you can print or send it again at any time.

  1. In the top right, tap [...].
  2. Select [Print].
    ⮕ The Output options for the Z report window opens.

  3. Choose which additional reports to print.
  4. Tap on [Confirm].
    ⮕ The report is printed.

When printing, the Cash report is printed on the Receipt Printer. Alternatively, you can send it by email. 

Cash Drawing after closing

After you have completed your Business Day, you have the option to book a Cash withdrawal. 

  1. In the Closing window, tap [Cash Drawing].
    ⮕ The Cash Withdrawal window opens.

  2. Choose the amount and denomination.
  3. Click on [Save].
    ⮕ The Cash Transaction window opens.

  4. Choose the type of Cash Transaction. 
    You can find more information on this in the How-To Cash Transaction: Cash Drawing.

    ⮕ The window is closed. The Transaction is noted in the Transactions tab as a Cash withdrawal upon completion. 
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