Create a Cash Vault

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You can set up one or more Cash Vaults per POS location. In this How-To you will learn how to create the Cash Vault in enforePOS

You can find out how to make deposits or withdrawals in your Cash Vault in the How-To deposits / withdrawals in and from the Cash Vault.

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Accounting.
  2. In the left area, tap next to the location.
    ⮕ A window with the name of the selected POS location opens.

  3. Switch to the Cash Vaults tab.
  4. Tap on [+ Add Cash Vault].
  5. Enter the name of the Cash Vault.
  6. Confirm your entry with .
    ⮕ The Cash Vault is displayed in the overview. 


  7. Tap .
    ⮕ The Cash Vault has been created.
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