Reservation Settings for Table Reservations

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In this How-To, you will learn which settings you can make in advance to handle your table reservations and what you need to consider when checking out reservations.

  1. To access the reservation settings, tap on Reservations > Reservation Settings in the POS menu. 

The following section describes the reservation settings you need for table reservations. 

End Reservations

You have two ways to end table reservations: On planned end time automatically and Always manually.

  1. In the End Reservations field, select On planned end time automatically to make the table available only after the end time of the reservation.1_EN.png
  2. In the End Reservations field, select Always manually if you want to always end the table reservation manually.2_EN.png

Billing of Reservations

  1. In the Billing of Reservations section, enable the Reservation settlement in the cash register option so that reservations end after being settled in the cash register.3_EN.png
    In parallel to this reservation setting, you should activate the End Reservation on checkout option in the POS menu under Sales > Sales Settings to end the reservation after the checkout.4_EN.png

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