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In the Shop module you will find a variety of settings to configure the display and management of the online shop.


To activate your online shop, you must first enter your declaration of revocation in the Declaration of Revocation field under Business Account > Public Profile.

Open Shop Module

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Channels.
  2. Select your online presence under the Online Sales Channels entry.mceclip0.png
  3. Tap on the Modules tab.
  4. Select the Shop module.mceclip1.png ⮕ The Basic view opens.mceclip2.png

Change the Name of the Module

You want to rename the Shop tab in your online presence?

  1. Tap on Edit-15.svg.
    ⮕ The window for editing the Shop module opens.
  2. Tap in the Name field and enter the name you want to assign to your Shop module.
  3. Tap on NavbarCheckmark-15.png in the upper right corner to apply the new name.mceclip4.png

Make Settings in the Basic tab

In the Basic tab, you make all the basic settings for your online shop. 

Shipping Restrictions

Select the countries you want to ship to from the list.mceclip5.png

Sales Categories and Product Lists

You have created several sales categories in your business account, but you only want to offer some of these sales categories in your online shop?mceclip6.png

Select a category you want to display in the main navigation of your shop.mceclip7.png

Tap on [+ Add Sales Categories or Product Lists] to add more sales categories or product lists if necessary.

Tap on [Confirm].mceclip8.png

The categories are displayed in the order of their selection.

Only the sales items that are part of these categories or subcategories will be displayed in the online shop.

Shop Storefront

You want to welcome the visitors of your online shop with a well-arranged storefront and draw their attention directly to special sales categories and sales items? Then activate the function Use Shop Storefront.mceclip9.png

Here you can determine the name of your storefront, select images for the storefront, as well as determine which top categories, top product lists, top sales items and product highlights of your online shop you want to present. With the order of your selection you also determine the order in which the categories and sales items are displayed.

Please note that the highlight tag must be set on the respective sales items for the highlight display. For sales items with variants, the variants must also be given this tag for the highlight display of the individual sales item.


Product Listing

There are different ways to display your sales items in your online shop. You can also choose whether you want to display a filter bar.mceclip13.png

Tap on the Display Mode field and select the desired display mode.mceclip12.png







Sales Item Details

The Allow Special Instructions field allows your customers to add additional information to their order (e.g. special preparation requests). Specify whether you want to offer this feature in your online store and how long the message can be.mceclip15.png

Make Settings in the Pickup tab

In the Pickup tab, you define the pickup location and make settings related to pickup orders.

Choosing the correct pickup location is important so your customers know where to pick up their online orders. Here you determine which pickup locations your customers can select when ordering online.

By disabling the Pickup Location at this point, your customers will be able to see the sales items on your online presence, but will not be able to place orders.


In the Latest Pickup Term field, you specify how far in the future the pickup time may be.

Make Settings in the Products tab

Tap [+ Add Sales Items sold via this Sales Channel] in the Products tab and select the sales items you want to offer in your online shop.mceclip18.png

Make Settings in the Product Lists tab

  1. Tap [+ Create Product List] in the Product Lists tab to create a product list.
  2. Then tap the created product list to add sales items to the product list.mceclip19.png
  3. Tap [+ Add Product] to add sales items to your product list.mceclip20.png

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