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Your customer orders a sales item in your online shop for pickup and wants to pay on site? In this How-To we describe this process as an example.


Place Order

You are in the online shop of your online presence.


You have chosen the cauliflower soup and clicked on the sales item. The view of the online shop changes to the overview page of the selected sales item.


The shop category and the product image are displayed in the left area.

The price including VAT is displayed in the middle area.

If you want to present your sales item in more views, add more product images to this sales item in enforePOS.

The quantity, the total price and the sales form are displayed in the right area.

You can change the quantity of the selected sales item and add the sales item to the basket.

  1. Choose the quantity of the sales item. In our example, we choose 1 piece.
  2. Choose the sales form. In our example, we choose Pickup.
  3. Click on [Add To Basket] to add the sales item to the basket.3_EN.png
  4. Click on Basket to go to the basket.4_EN.png

    Alternatively, click on OPRShoppingCart.svg.
    ⮕ The view changes to the Basket page.

  5. Review your order in the basket. Make any necessary changes.
  6. Click on [Proceed to Checkout].5_EN.png

Enter Contact Information

  1. In the Confirm window, enter your contact information, such as your name, mobile phone number, or email address.
  2. Choose a pickup time.
  3. Check the box next to Invoice required if you need an invoice.Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-04 um 17.12.18.png

Invoice Required Selected

If you check the box next to Invoice required, the fields for entering an invoice address appear. Here, the contact information you have previously added is already entered.

  1. Add an additional address.Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-04 um 17.20.15.png

Select Payment Method and Order with Obligation to Pay

  1. Agree to the terms and conditions and cancellation policy.
  2. Click On Pickup to specify that you pay on pickup.
  3. Click on [Buy Now].Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-04 um 17.24.11.png

Confirmed Order

After you have clicked on [Buy Now], the Confirmed Order window appears.


  1. Click on Calendar Entry in the lower part of the window to create a calendar entry with pickup code.10_EN.png

Emailing your Customer

The following business documents will be sent to your customer when the order is triggered, provided that you have activated and configured these documents in enforePOS in the POS menu under Order Management > Order Settings > Online Sales Channel > Pickup tab:

Sales Order Confirmation


Pickup Slip


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