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In the Delivery tab, you define the settings for the Delivery option on your online presence.mceclip0.png

Shipping Flat Rate

Set the flat rate for your shipping costs here. This flat rate is added to all online delivery orders within Germany, regardless of distance, weight, or volume.

Holding Period for Prepayment orders

Select here the maximum period in days for which items from prepayment orders should be blocked for other customers. After this period, the order will be rejected and the items will be released for sale again. The customer will receive a notification.

The holding period is specified in days, starting from the end of the calendar day. 

Choose the holding period in such a way that your client has enough time to pay his invoice.


Specify here which type of order tracking you want to use for the selected sales channel.

Confirmation Required

Select this option if you want your customer to be notified that their order has been accepted. If you do not confirm the order manually, the order confirmation will be sent automatically when the order is placed.

Please note that an order confirmation is a mandatory document. Therefore, this option should not be deactivated.

Track Assembly

Activate this option if you want your customers' orders to be checked in assembly. The assembly is checked either by complete orders or by individual items to be finally confirmed as finished. 

Track Delivery

 With this option, you activate the delivery confirmation. This way, you can assign the status "Shipped" to orders when they have been picked up by the delivery service. Furthermore, the status "Ready" is added in the Order Management.

Track Receipt 

Select this option if you want to confirm the delivery. In your enforePOS, this option allows orders to be marked as “Delivered” when the delivery has been confirmed. Furthermore, the status "In Delivery" is added in the Order Management.

Business Documents

Here, you select whether your business documents should be sent by SMS or email or be printed, and you configure your delivery note.

Order confirmation and invoice are mandatory documents that should not be deselected.

Order Acknowledgement (confirmation that the order has been received)

If you choose to confirm orders manually, this document informs your customer that the order has been received, but not yet accepted.

Order Confirmation

Your customer will be informed that the order has been accepted. If the option Confirm automatically is selected, the confirmation will be sent with the order. If the Manual option is selected, you must also confirm the order manually.

Delivery Note

If you select this option, a delivery note is printed which you can attach to the order during assembly.

Delivery Advice (via email or SMS)

If you select this option, once you have marked the order as "Shipped", your customer will be informed that the order has been handed over to the delivery service.


If you choose this option, after you have marked the order as "Shipped", your customer will receive an invoice for his order.

Please note that an invoice is a mandatory document and should not be deselected.


Define here the devices (printers) that should be used for the order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices. 

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