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In the Pickup tab, you define the settings for the Pickup sales type on your online presence.

The Pickup tab is only visible if the Pickup sales type is activated in the General tab.


Pickup Locations

In the Pickup Locations section, select the POS locations where orders sold via your online presence can be picked up.


Would you like to adjust the steps for processing incoming pickup orders? Specify here which type of order tracking you want to use for the selected sales channel. Select the appropriate steps by activating the respective SingleSelectionCheck.svg.

Confirmation Required: select this option if you want to manually confirm each incoming order before your customer receives an order confirmation. If you deactivate this option, the order confirmation will be sent automatically once the order is placed.
Track Assembly: activate this option to manually confirm the order assembly. When confirmed, your customers’ orders are marked as Ready.

Track Pickup: check this option if you want your customer to confirm the pickup. This way, you can set orders to Picked Up in the Order Management after they have been picked up by the customer.

Business Documents

In the Business Documents area, choose whether the respective business documents should be sent via SMS or email or be printed.

Order confirmation and invoice are mandatory documents that should not be deselected.

Order Acknowledgement (confirmation that the order has been received): if you activate the option Confirmation Required<>, your customer will be informed with this document that the order has been received but not yet accepted.

Order Confirmation: your customer will be informed that the order has been accepted. If you have deactivated the option Confirmation Required in the Tracking section, the order will be automatically confirmed and the confirmation will be sent to the customer. 

Pickup Slip: the customer will receive a number to pick up the order.

Delivery Note: if you select this option, a delivery note will be created.

Pickup Advice: check this option if you want to send a pickup advice to your customers when the order is ready for pickup.

Invoice: if you choose this option, after you have marked the order as "Shipped", your customer will receive an invoice for his order.

Please note that an invoice is a mandatory document and should not be deselected.


Define here the devices or the printers that should be used for the order confirmation, delivery notes or invoices. You can find out how to link printers to enforePOS here.

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