Set up an enforePOS Device with a Cash Register Function as a Cash Register in your Business Account

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In this How-To, we will show you how to set up an enfore POS device with a cash register function as a cash register.


Setting up an enforePOS device with cash register function

  1. Connect the new enforePOS device with cash register function.
  2. Start enforePOS on your enforePOS device.
    ⮕ Your enforePOS starts with the login window.
  3. Sign in with your login details.
  4. Tap on [Login]. Screenshot_2022-07-12_at_08.23.33.png ⮕ The Create POS location screen opens.
  5. Select the desired POS location. If you want to set up a new location, tap [+ Create] and enter the details for the new POS location.Screenshot_2022-07-12_at_08.24.22.png⮕ The Cash register screen opens.
  6. Select Set up cash register. Screenshot_2022-07-12_at_08.26.19.png ⮕ The Type of Setup screen opens.
  7. To add another cash register, tap on [As a new device]. Screenshot_2022-07-12_at_08.35.40.png ⮕ The Settings screen opens.
  8. Select New settingsScreenshot_2022-07-12_at_08.37.20.png ⮕ The Cash register screen opens.
  9. Follow these steps to set up your cash register:
    • Enter a name for your new cash register. 
    • Set the cash register type (Over the Counter or Gastro).
    • Define the types of sales you offer (Over the counter, Pickup, Delivery, or any combination).
  10. Tap on [Next]. Screenshot_2022-07-12_at_08.39.48.png ⮕ The Cash Management screen opens.

Here you decide whether you want to manage cash on this device or not. You can find out how to activate cash management at the cash register here.

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