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You want to offer vouchers for sale in your online shop, which your customers can either send to themselves or as a gift via email or to the cell phone of any person? No problem in enforePOS.

In this How-To we will show you the necessary settings and the ordering process from the customer's perspective.

Please note that the voucher will only be sent to your customer after the payment has been received. For example, if your customer wants to pay in advance, the voucher will not be sent until you have marked the order as paid in the order management.


Order Placement by your Customer

  1. Select the Shop module in the online presence.mceclip0.png⮕ The overview of your online shop opens.
  2. Click on the [Vouchers] tab.
    The view changes to the overview of the vouchers you have created.
  3. Choose the voucher you want. mceclip2.png⮕ The view changes to the overview page of the selected voucher.
  4. Switch between the voucher's images in the left pane.

    If you want to display more images for your voucher, add more images to this voucher in enforePOS.

  5. Optionally, add the recipient of the voucher in the middle of the page.
  6. If you want, you can leave a message for the recipient on the voucher.

    This function is only available for gift cards.

    The right area displays the quantity, the total price, and digital delivery as the method of delivery to the customer.
  7. Click IdentitySectionToggleIdentity.svg to change the quantity of the voucher.
  8. Click on [Add To Basket] to add the voucher to the basket.
  9. Click on [Basket]. mceclip4.png
  10. Take another look at your order in the basket and change it if needed.
  11. Click on [Proceed to Checkout].mceclip5.png
  12. Enter the invoice address here.

    It is recommended that customers leave contact details so that they can be reached out to in case of questions.

  13. Click on [Use this address].mceclip6.png
  14. Choose one of the offered payment methods in the Payment view. In this How-To you will learn how to configure the payment methods.
  15. Click on [Use this Payment Method].mceclip7.png⮕ The Confirm Order window opens.
  16. Accept the terms of service.
  17. Click on [Buy Now] to complete the order.mceclip8.pngFinally, an order confirmation appears.mceclip9.png

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