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To create and manage table reservations in enforePOS, you must first create your restaurant’s tables as resources. You also specify the number of seats for each table. Additionally, you need to link the corresponding table services to the tables.

It does not matter whether you first create the table as a resource or the table service. 

Create Table with Number of Seats

  1. Open Reservations > Resources in the POS menu.
  2. Switch to the Resources overview.
  3. Tap on Add.svg to create a new table as a resource. 1_EN.png
  4. Select the Table option in the Create new Resource window. 2_EN.png⮕ The Create new Table window opens.
  5. Enter the following information in the Identity step:
    • Name: give the table a name.
    • Short name: if you wish, you can give it a short name as well. 
    • Seats: set the number of seats here.
    • Location: define here at which POS location this table should be reservable.
  6. Tap on [Next]. 3_EN.png
  7. If you have already created table services, you can link them to the table in the Table Services step.
    If you have not yet created any table services, skip this step. You can link this table to a table service at a later time.
  8. Tap on [Complete]. 4_EN.png ⮕ The Create new Table window closes. Your successfully created table will be displayed in the resources overview. 5_EN.png

Copy Tables to create new Ones

To quickly create more tables, you can copy any table.

  1. Swipe from right to left on the created table.
  2. Tap on Clone-2023-08-11.svg.6_EN.png⮕ The Create new Table window opens. A copy with all the characteristics of the duplicated table is created.
  3. Repeat steps 5-8 from the previous section.
    ⮕ The Create new Table window closes. The table you created by copying will be displayed in the resources overview. 7_EN.png

Link Table with Table Services

  1. Tap on the table to which you want to link one or more table services. 8_EN.png⮕ The table details view opens.
  2. Switch to the Table Services tab.
  3. Select the desired table service(s) under Services provided.
    9_EN.png ⮕ You have successfully linked the table with the table services.

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