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You would like to offer your customers appointments for consultation or shopping on sales items or services ("Click & Meet")? In enforePOS you can work with consultation services. You can easily create and define consultation services.

If you want to work with reservations for consultation services in enforePOS, two basic settings are necessary. You need to define consultation spaces as resources for consultation and determine what kind of consultation services you want to provide.

You can find out how to create consultation spaces here.

It doesn't matter if you first create the consultation space as a resource or the consultation service. You can link the two afterwards.


  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations Services.
     ⮕ The Services overview opens.
  2. To create a new service, tap on [+].1_EN.png⮕ The Create new Service window opens. 
  3. Tap on Consultation Service in the Create New Service window.2_EN.png
  4. Enter the following information in the Identity step:
    • Name: Give the consultation service a name.
    • ID: Optionally you can add a short name here.
    • Location: Choose at which POS location you want to offer the consultation service.
    • Duration: Enter the duration of the consultation service. 
    • Enter Consultation Service description: Optionally, you can add a short description of your consultation service here.
  5. Tap on [Next].3_EN.png
  6. In the Consultation Spaces step, select the consultation spaces where you want to offer the created consultation service.

    If you have not yet created any consultation spaces as resources, you can skip this step and link your consultation service to a consultation space afterwards. We explain how to do that here.

  7. Tap on [Create].4_EN.png⮕ The consultation service has been successfully created and is displayed in the overview of services.5_EN.png

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