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You would like to offer your customers appointments for consultation or shopping on sales items or services ("Click & Meet")? In enforePOS, you can work with consultation services and create consultation spaces as resources. You can think of it like reserving a table at a restaurant - only this time, you're offering a space for a consultation. 

If you want to work with reservations for consultation services in enforePOS, two basic settings are necessary: you need to define consultation spaces as resources for consultation and determine what kind of consultation services you want to provide.

You can find out here how to create a consultation service.

It doesn't matter if you first create the consultation space as a resource or the consultation service. You can link the two afterwards.


Create Consultation Space

You can also book a consultation directly at your location. You don't need an online presence to do so.

  1. Open the POS menu Reservations > Resources
  2. Switch to Equipment in the overview bar.
  3. To create a consultation space as a new resource, tap on [Add.svg] in the header. mceclip0.png⮕The Create new Resource window opens.
  4. Tap on the Consultation Space option. mceclip1.png⮕The Create new Consultation Space window opens.
  5. Enter the following information in the Identity step:
    • Name: give the consultation space a name.
    • Short name: if you wish, you can give it a short name as well.
    • People: indicate how many people can benefit from the consultation space at a time.
    • Location: if you have multiple POS locations, choose the POS location where the consultation space is located.
  6. Tap on [Next]. mceclip2.png
  7. In the Consultation Services step, select the consultation services offered for this consultation space.

    If you want to select all consultation services, tap on [All consultation services].

    If you haven’t created any consultation services yet, you can skip this step and link your consultation space to a consultation service afterwards. We explain how to do that here.

  8. Tap on [Complete]. mceclip3.png⮕ You have successfully created the consultation space. The newly created consultation space is displayed in the overview of resources. mceclip4.png

Create more consultation spaces by copying

To quickly create more consultation spaces, you can copy a consultation space.

  1. Swipe from right to left on the consultation space you want to copy.
    ⮕ The function menu opens.
  2. Tap on Clone.svg.mceclip5.png⮕ The Create New Consultation Space window opens. 
    You can edit the new consultation space step by step or accept all the information, except for the name.
  3. Change the name of the consultation space.
  4. Confirm the entries with [Next]. mceclip6.png
  5. Confirm the entries with [Complete]. mceclip7.png⮕ The copy of the consultation space has been created successfully. 

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