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Welcome to enforePOS Online!

To help you get started with the enforePOS online modules, we have compiled several helpful documents on this page.


With enforePOS Online you can sell your sales items and dishes as well as make your tables, consultation spaces or services reservable online. With the enforePOS Online Store you sell your sales items online, with enforePOS Online Reservation your customers make reservations online. With a few clicks, you can create your own online presence.

The enforePOS Online Store provides you with all the necessary options to make your product range or even your meals/menus available online in the shortest possible time. Among other things, you decide whether to offer delivery or pickup, and when to offer which sales items for sale.

With enforePOS Online Table Reservations, you can make your restaurant's tables reservable online in no time. Better utilization and no waiting customers are the result.

With enforePOS Online Service Reservations, you can make your services reservable online, allowing customers to book appointments, such as hair salon appointments, through your online presence.

Do you want to give your customers personalized advice? With enforePOS Online Consultation Space Reservation you can make your consultation appointments bookable online, so that no customer has to put up with waiting times.


We have designed the onboarding of your enforePOS Online Presence in such a way that you can easily enter all the required data with the help of clear table documents. Your coach will use this data to create your business account, configure your account and provide the sales items or reservation information. Thus, with just a few simple steps, your enforePOS Online Presence is up and running for your customers.

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