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After you have created consultation spaces, you can edit the properties of the consultation spaces afterwards. Also, we show you here how to link your previously created consultation services and consultation spaces. 

  1. Open Reservations > Resources in the POS menu.
  2. Switch to the Equipment overview.
  3. Tap on the consultation space you want to edit. mceclip1.png ⮕ The window with the details of the consultation space opens. 

Details Overview

Edit Identity

  1. To edit the identity of the selected consultation space, tap on Edit-15.png in the upper right corner.
    ⮕ The Edit Identity window opens.
  2. Edit the Name and the Short Name of the consultation space here.
  3. Tap on NavbarCheckmark-15.png to save your changes. mceclip2.png⮕ The changes have been adopted.
  • Identity Tab

    Specify here the properties of the table. mceclip3.png

    Consultation Space

    People: here you can change the number of people for whom the consultation space is intended.

    Location: here you can choose the location where you would like to offer the consultation space.

    Sales Channels: select here the sales channels where the resource is available.

    Availability Hours

    Specify here the time period in which the consultation space should be reservable (available). For example, the consultation space should only be available during certain consultation hours. You can choose regular or special hours or block-out times.

    Available for Reservation

    Specify here whether the table should be available for reservation.

    Reservable online

    If the resource, i.e. the consultation space, is available for reservations, you determine here whether it should also be reservable online. You may not want to make all your consultation spaces available for online reservations if you want to reserve some consultation spaces for walk-in customers.

  • Consultation Services Tab


    Services Provided

    Select here the previously created consultation services to be offered at this consultation space.

    If a consultation service is no longer offered at that consultation space, you can also remove the consultation service. 

  • Tab Info

    In the Info tab, you can add additional information about the selected consultation space. mceclip5.png


    Add tags for the consultation space here.

    Short Description

    Enter a short description for the selected consultation space here.


    Add a more detailed description for the consultation space here.

    Product Media

    In this section, you can add different media to your consultation space.

Workload Overview

In the Workload overview you can see the current occupancy of the selected consultation space. You can filter by services as well as by date. mceclip6.png

Tap [+] to select a consultation service and, in the next step, create a reservation for this consultation space. 

Tap on BlockedForReservation.svg to open the [+ Add non-reservable time span...] dialog. Here you can set a time span which cannot be reserved. In addition, you can specify whether existing reservations in this time span can be started.

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