Overview Online Consultation Space Reservation ("Click & Meet")

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"Click & Meet" or "appointment shopping"? With enforePOS, this is possible. You can offer consultation appointments to your customers. Your customers can conveniently book their on-site consultation via your online presence and meet with you or your staff members at the scheduled time. During the consultation, you can even encourage your customers to buy with exclusive "Click & Meet" promotions, so they don’t leave empty-handed and you generate sales.


Right now, your customers are your most important asset, so you want them and their data to stay with you under all circumstances. Unlike other booking sites that send guests ads and suggestions about competitors after they visit a location, your customer remains your king alone! 

Moreover, with us there are no dependencies, i.e. no payments to booking platforms, as you offer an individual and independent alternative with your online presence.

Your customers can quickly and easily make, change, or cancel reservations on your website from the comfort of their own home or on the go. All corrections are automatically applied in the background and the free consultation spaces are made available for new reservations. In this way, you not only ensure the best possible utilization of your guest room, but also avoid so-called "no-shows".

Plus, you'll always have a detailed view of all the reservations you've received, allowing you to manage your occupancy, answer any health department inquiries about your guests, and get a summary of who visited your location and when.

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