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After you have created your service channels and set up your public profile, you can start setting up your service channels. In this How-To, we'll show you how to do it.

Service Location

Under Reservations > Service Channels you can find your previously created service locations. mceclip0.png

  • General

    In the General tab, you define your basic settings for your service location.

    Enter the address, phone number and email address here.

    Also set the opening hours of the service location.

    In the Reservation conditions section, you specify whether you want to register all reservation participants after the reservation. Furthermore, you determine whether it is necessary to specify an address for a reservation.

    You can find out what the settings do here.

  • Notifications

    In the Notifications tab, you can add the email address of the recipient that should receive a copy of the notifications generated for online reservations in your POS location. The notifications concern the Reservation Acknowledgement, Reservation Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation. mceclip2.png

    In order to successfully create a copy of the customer notifications, the customer notifications must be activated in the POS menu under Reservations > Reservation Channels > Reservation Settings.

  • Reservable

    In the Reservable tab, you select the services that can be reserved for this service location.  mceclip3.png

Online Reservation Channels

In enforePOS, you can find your previously created online reservation channels under Reservations > Reservation Channels. The tabs for the online reservation channel are presented in the following How-Tos:

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