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In the General tab, you make basic settings for your online reservation channel.

You can access the General tab of your online reservation channel in the POS menu via Reservations > Reservation Channels > Online Reservation Channels or Sales > Sales Channels > Online Sales Channels.mceclip0.png


Domain Name: here, you will see the domain name that you set for your online presence. A subsequent change of the domain name is not possible.

Domain Redirects: here, you can select a domain redirect from the list that opens.

Visibility: in the Visibility field you determine the visibility of your online presence. You have the option to choose between Private and Public.

Sales Types

In the Sales Types section, define which sales types you offer on your online presence. You have the possibility to offer your customers Pickup and Delivery.


In the Payment section, define the Payment Methods you want to offer on your online presence. The options available are Payment on Pickup, Payment on Delivery, Prepayment, Online Credit Card Payment and PayPal.

In order to offer Prepayment, you must first enable the Confirmation Required option in the Tracking section of the Delivery or Pickup tab.

In order to accept online credit card payments on your online presence, you must first connect your payment account. 

Currencies: select the currencies for your online presence here.

Common Supported Countries

Supported countries: choose here which countries you want your online presence to support. You have the choice between Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Advertisement Agreement

Do not ask for advertisement agreement: choose here if you want your customers to be asked to opt in to advertisements.

Target Group

Offer only for traders: here you select whether the offers on your online presence are only valid for traders.

Formal Address: enable this option if you want to use a formal address in correspondence with your customers.

Website Verification

Google Verification Code: enter your verification code from Google here.

Facebook and Instagram verification code: enter your verification code from Facebook or Instagram here.

Integrate Modules

In enforePOS, you can integrate reservation and shop modules into external websites (e.g. your existing website). Activate the option Integrate modules into external pages.


Tap on the Hosts field to open the Hosts window. In the Hosts window, you can add a corresponding host with respective HTML code snippet to the external website.


Show location information on homepage: check this option if you want the location information of your POS location to be displayed on your homepage.

Customer Service 

Select here the staff member who you want to display as the contact person on your online presence. 

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