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In the Profile tab, you define the settings for the display of your online presence. 

You can access the Profile tab of your online presence in the POS menu via Reservations > Service Channels > Online Reservation Channels or Sales > Sales Channels > Online Sales Channels.mceclip0 (4).png

Online Presence Header

In this section, you can set the header, tagline, logo and background for your online presence.
You can choose between color and image display. You can find information about image sizes and aspect ratios here.
Here, we explain to you how to change the logo, header and hero images for the online presence.

Progressive Web App

In this area, you can configure an app that your customers can install on their cell phones. When your customers open the app, they are redirected to an area of your online presence that you have specified. You can also define a name, image and description for the app. For more information, click here.

External Homepage

Insert the URL of your homepage here if you want to link to your own website instead of the website generated by enfore.

If you assign an external homepage URL, your logo will be linked when you click on your online reservation or shop.

Legal Information

Enter your own or other URLs here if you prefer to use your own and not the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Declaration of Revocation and Imprint provided by enfore.

For more information, see our How-To Legal Information.

Without legal information, your website will not be available.

Social Media Links

In the Social Media Links section, add the URL addresses of your social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Hero Images

In this section you can add, change or remove a Hero image for the homepage of your online presence. 
To make a change, tap on Edit-15.svg to the right of the Hero Images section.  

Please observe the applicable copyright regulations when selecting the images.

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