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In this How-To, we will show you an example of the ordering process of a delivery order from the customer’s perspective on the online presence.

  1. Select Shop on your online presence to go to the product selection. mceclip0.png
  2. Tap on a sales category to see the related sales items or use the search function to find your favorite sales item. 
  3. Select the desired sales item and the sales type Delivery.
  4. Tap on [Add To Basket].mceclip2.png
  5. Enter the delivery address and tap [Confirm]. mceclip3.png
  6. Tap on [Basket] to go directly to the shopping basket. Bildschirmfoto_2023-01-19_um_12.03.59.png
  7. If you want, you can edit your order in the shopping basket: mceclip4.png
    • Change Delivery Options: here you can change your delivery address, the selected store, the delivery option and the delivery time. mceclip5.png
    • Change to Pickup: here you can change from delivery to pickup and select from which store you would like to pick up your order, if the sales item is available at multiple stores. mceclip6.png
    • Number of sales items ordered: tap the number in front of the sales item in the basket to change the quantity. mceclip7.png
  8. Once you have added all the sales items you want to order to your shopping basket, select [Proceed to Checkout]. mceclip8.png ⮕ The Delivery step is displayed.
  9. Complete your delivery address and contact information.
  10. Select [Use this address]. mceclip9.png ⮕ The Payment step is displayed.
  11. Choose the payment method and enter the payment details if necessary.
  12. Select [Use this Payment Method]. mceclip10.png ⮕ The Confirm step is displayed. Here you can do a final check of your order.
  13. Accept the Terms of Service
  14. Tap on [Buy Now]. mceclip11.png ⮕ Your order is completed. mceclip12.png At this moment, if you have made certain settings in enforePOS, the receipt printer at the assigned assembly location will print the assembly lists and the team can start preparing and assembling the order. You can find information about the settings and the process in this How-To.

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