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If there is no table available in your restaurant at the moment, you can put guests who come without a reservation on the waiting list via the reservation module in enforePOS. This way you can keep track of all your waiting guests and work through them in order as soon as the next table is free. 

To get an accurate overview of which tables are actually free when you add a new reservation, deactivate the Allow overbooking option in the Reservation Settings.


The Active Reservations section displays your restaurant's occupancy.

To add a customer to the waiting list, create a new reservation:

  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations > Active Reservations.
  2. Tap [+].2_EN.png⮕ The Select window opens.
  3. Select a service.3_EN.png⮕ The Details window opens. 
  4. Tap Add Customer Name... and enter the name of the customer.
    Here you can search for an existing customer or create a new customer.4_EN.png
  5. Enter all the necessary information: 
    • Start: Select here the arrival time of the customer. 
    • End: This sets automatically once you have entered the duration.
    • Duration: Set the duration in minutes here.
    • Seats: Specify here the size of the group. 
    • via: Select here how you received the request for a reservation. In this case we choose Walk-in, since the customer has already arrived at the restaurant.
  6. Tap on [Next].5_EN.png
  7. If you want to add more participants to the reservation, tap on [+ Add participants].
  8. Tap on [Save].
    6_EN.png⮕ The Assign Reservation window opens. 
    Here you can see that no table is currently available.
    But you have the option to put this customer on the waiting list.
  9. Tap on [Waiting List].7_EN.png⮕ The window closes.
  10. In the Active Reservations view, tap on Waitlist to see an overview of all customers waiting.
    The entries are sorted chronologically.8_EN.png
  11. Open your waiting list as soon as a table is available.9_EN.png⮕ The window with the reservation opens. 
  12. Select the free table.
  13. Tap [Check In]. 10_EN.png The customer is assigned to the free table in enforePOS.

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