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The Device Management is your access to the administration of all devices that are registered in your Business Account. Here you can add more devices to your Business Account, adjust their usage, assign them to other devices or take them out of service.

Open the Device Management via the Business Account > Devices and then switch to the Device Management overview.


On the enforePOS page, all devices on which the enforePOS Client Software is installed are displayed. Both devices declared as Cash Registers and devices without Cash Register function are displayed.


Swipe from right to left over the respective device entry to open the menu for the selected device.

Edit Device Settings

  1. Either tap directly on the device entry or on the menu Edit-15.png.
    ⮕ The enforePOS page of the selected device opens.

    Here you can adjust all settings for the selected device.
    Depending on the configuration of the device, the settings are arranged on the individual tab pages General, Payment, Build To Order, Device Usage, Layouts, Connected Devices and Floor Plan.
    If the selected device is the current device on which you have opened the Device Management, the display changes to the overview This Device.

Deactivate the Checkout function on a POS device

For more information on how to deactivate the Checkout function on a POS device, read the How-To Deactivating the Checkout function on an enforePOS device.

The following action cannot be undone. An enforePOS device with Cash Register function that has been deactivated continues to operate as a device without cash register functions, but cannot be reactivated as the original enforePOS device with Cash Register function. When the Cash Register functionality is activated again on this enforePOS device, a new Cash Register with a new Cash Register number is created. Z-Reports start again with number 1.

  1. Tap Ohne_Titel.png.

  2. The security question opens.


The enforeAddOn devices enforeDock and enforeCube are managed on this tab page.

Payment Devices

The Payment Terminals are managed on this tab page.

Network Printer

The available Network printers are managed on this tab page.

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