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Do you use built-in and/or connected devices in combination with your enfore device and want to get an overview of the devices and their usage?

In the Devices area, all built-in devices as well as the currently connected devices are displayed.


Device Configuration

  1. Tap on Business Account > Devices.
  2. Switch to the Device Management overview.
  3. In the enforePOS tab, select the device whose built-in and/or connected devices you want to view.
    Bildschirmfoto⮕ Depending on which device you are using, you will see the menu items Built-in (Dasher only), Connected (Dasher and Comet) and Device Usage in the Devices area.

    You can find out which settings you can make under the menu item Device Usage in the How-To Sales Settings - Device Usage.

Built-in Devices

  1. Tap on Built-in.
    ⮕ In this view, all built-in devices are displayed.
  2. Select the built-in device whose properties you want to view. In this example, we select the receipt printer.Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Device Details window opens.
    Under Print Queue, all print jobs are displayed along with the current status of the print job.Bildschirmfoto Under Device Usage you can see the detailed usage of the device. Bildschirmfoto

Connected Devices

  1. Tap on Connected.
    ⮕ In this view, all connected devices are displayed. Find out how to add a receipt printer to your device in this How-To: Add a Receipt Printer to your enforePOS Business Account.
  2. Select the connected device whose properties you want to view. In this case we choose the receipt printer.Bildschirmfoto
    ⮕ The Device Details window opens.

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