Add a Receipt Printer to the enforePOS Business Account

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You want to add an extra Receipt Printer to your Business Account? With the Device Management in enforePOS, you can add and connect new devices in no time. You can find out how to do this in the following steps: 

For example, you can use the Device Management to add the Epson TM-P80 Receipt Printer to either the Cash Register you are currently using or to another Cash Register in the Business Account.

  1. If you are already using the Cash Register to which you want to add the Receipt Printer Business Account > Devices in the POS menu. 
    ⮕ The settings view of the currently used Cash Register is shown. 1_NEW_EN.png If you are not currently using the Cash Register to which you want to add the Receipt Printer, go to the POS menu via Business Account > Devices > Device Management, there you can tap the Cash Register to which you want to add the Receipt Printer. 2_NEW_EN.png
  2. Switch to Device Usage. 4_NEW_EN.png
  3. Tap into the Receipt Printer field. 3_NEW_EN.png⮕ The Select Receipt Printer window opens.
    This window displays all printers that are connected to other devices.
  4. Tap on [+ Printer] to add another Receipt Printer. 5_NEW_EN.png⮕ The Connect Device window opens.
    After finishing the search, the available devices are shown in the overview.
  5. Tap on the device that you want to connect to enforePOS. 6_NEW_EN.png⮕ The Connect Receipt Printer window opens.
  6. If possible, choose a name and POS-Location for the device.
  7. Confirm the selection with [Complete]. 7_NEW_EN.png⮕ The newly added Receipt Printer has been assigned to the device as a Receipt Printer and is displayed in the printers view. 8_NEW_EN.png

Application example

After you have added a new Receipt Printer in the example above, you can now configure it in various functions. An example of the usage in your enforePOS under Order Management > Settings > Assembly Locations is the use as a printer for the Assembly Slip in the kitchen.

  1. In the Devices section, tap Assembly Slip Printer. 9_NEW_EN.png
  2. Select the printer you want. 10_NEW_EN.png⮕ The setting was successfully applied. The selected printer is used as the printer for the Assembly List in the kitchen. 

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