Putting enforeCube 1 into Operation

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You have unpacked your enforeCube and want to put it into operation?


In this How-To, we will show you the most important points so that you can get started right away. 


  • You have an enfore device that has a user interface, e.g. an enforeDonner
  • Your enforeDonner is connected to your Wi-Fi network
  • Your enforeDonner is set up in your enfore Business Account
  • Your enforeDonner is logged in
  • You have the latest enforePOS software installed on your enforeDonner

General Setup of the enforeCube

Your enforeCube has several ports.

  • 1 power supply USB-C
  • 1 network port
  • 3 USB ports, including 1 USB 2.0 (above the two USB 1.0 ports)

Connect enforeCube

In order for your enforeCube to communicate with your enfore Business Account, an internet connection is required. This connection can be established via Wi-Fi or LAN (recommended).

To connect your enforeCube to the LAN, connect one end of the network cable to a LAN socket on your network and the other end to the LAN socket on the enforeCube


You can connect your peripheral devices (e.g. receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer) via the three available USB ports on the enforeCube. For example, connect your receipt printer to the enforeCube via a USB cable.


Establish Power Supply

To avoid damage to the device, use only the USB charger supplied with your enforeCube for power supply! 

First, connect the USB-C plug of the USB charger to the USB-C plug on your enforeCube. Then connect the USB charger to the existing power supply.

Your enforeCube does not have a separate power switch.


Your enforeCube will start automatically. You will hear an acoustic signal as soon as the startup process is finished.

Integrate enforeCube into the Business Account

Your enforeCube does not have its own user interface. You commission and control the enforeCube via your enfore device, e.g. via your enforeDonner.

  1. On your enfore device, open Business Account Devices from the POS menu.
  2. Switch to the Device Management overview.1
  3. Switch to the enforeAddOns tab.
  4. Tap on [+ Connect Device].
    Your enforeDonner will then search for new devices in your network.3⮕ After a short time, the devices found will be displayed in the list.
  5. Tap on the enforeCube.4

    If necessary, compare the displayed serial number with the serial number printed on the bottom of the enforeCube.

    ⮕ The start screen for commissioning the enforeCube is displayed.
  6. Tap on [Next].
  7. Select which connection you want to use to connect your enforeCube to the internet.
    a) Select Cable if your enforeCube is connected to your network via a LAN cable. 
    b) Select Wi-Fi if you want to connect your enforeCube to your network via Wi-Fi. 716⮕ After the connection has been configured, this is displayed on the screen of your enforeDonner.
  8. Tap on [Next].
    The next step is to configure your enforeCube for your POS location. 
    9After the basic configuration has been completed successfully, you can now set up the connected peripheral devices.
  9. Connect the desired peripheral devices via the USB ports.
  10. Tap on [Set up devices] and follow the steps in the next section.

Set Up Receipt Printer on the enforeCube

In this section, we describe how to set up a receipt printer on your enforeCube.

  1. Tap on [+ Connect Device].
    15⮕ The connected devices are displayed in the device list.
  2. Tap on the receipt printer.
  3. Select the POS location where the receipt printer will be used. The POS location of the enforeCube is already preselected.
  4. Tap on [Next].
    13In the following view you can select what the receipt printer should be used for in your store.
  5. Make your selection, e.g. use as a receipt printer for cash register, payment and payout receipts.
  6. Tap on [Complete] to complete the configuration. 14

Reset the enforeCube to its Delivery State

To reset your enforeCube to its delivery state, press the reset button on the back of the device.

  1. Hold down the reset button until four individual tones are played.
  2. Release the reset button and wait until you hear a short success melody (duration: approx. 5-7 seconds).

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