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The device management in enforePOS not only helps you to integrate additional devices into your Business Account and to configure your devices, but also manages the status messages of your devices.

If, for instance, a device (in our example, a Receipt Printer) is currently not available, this will be indicated to you. In our example of a Receipt Printer, you will receive a message when you try to print the receipt on the assigned Receipt Printer. 


In addition to a general status of whether a device is available, various detailed status information is also evaluated, e.g. for connected Receipt Printers.

Supported status information of the Printer

Possible status information are: 

  • Printer is available (online)
  • Printer currently unavailable (offline)

Status message:

  • A problem with the paper supply at the Printer
  • The paper roll is almost used up
  • Printer is out of paper
  • The Printer lid is open
  • Paper cutter error
  • The Print head has overheated
  • Print head error
  • A memory problem has occurred with the Printer
  • A problem with the supply power has occurred 

Not all Printers support all of the above mentioned error status information. 

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