Setting up the Zebra GK420d Label Printer in enforePOS

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To be able to print barcoded labels for products, you have to connect the Label Printer Zebra GK20d to your enfore device and add it to enforePOS. You can find out how to do this in just a few steps in this How-To.

You can only connect your Zebra GK420d Label Printer to the device to which your Label Printer is physically connected.


Setting up the Zebra GK420d Printer

► Connect the printer to your enforeComet or enforeDasher using a USB cable.
The USB sockets can be found on the left and right under the display of your enforeComet.

Connect the Zebra GK420d Printer to the enforeComet or enforeDasher

  1. In the POS menu, open Business Account > Devices > Device Management.
    ⮕ The view of the settings of the Cash Register currently being used or the device currently being operated is displayed.
  2. Switch to the Connected Devices tab.
    ⮕ All devices connected to the Cash Register or device up to this point are displayed. 

  3. To add the Label Printer, tap on [+ Connect Device].
    ⮕ The Connect Device window opens. All Connected Devices are listed.

  4. Tap the Label Printer you want to add to enforePOS.
    The Connect Label Printer window opens.

  5. Tap on [Next].

  6. Tap on [Complete] as you don't have to select an option here.
    ⮕ The Connect Label Printer window opens.
    The Label Printer is displayed under Connected Devices.
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