Insert or Replace Logo, Banner and Hero Images in the Online Store

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You want to include your logo, a banner, and product images in your enforePOS Online Store, so that your enforePOS Online Store looks appealing and perfectly reflects the identity of your company? Here you can find out where you can integrate them into enforePOS

Make sure to use only your own or royalty-free downloaded images. Information about image sizes and aspect ratios can be found here.

Insert or replace logo and banner 

  1. In the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Channels.
  2. Tap on the online sales channel for which you want to insert/change the images. 
  3. In the Profile tab, tap on the Header field in the Online Presence Header section.
    1_EN.png⮕ The Online Presence - Edit Header window opens. 
  4. In the Images section, add your logo as well as your banner by tapping on Logo or Banner
  5. Now upload your logo or banner.
  6. Tap on [Done].
  7. Tap on [Save & Publish].
    2_EN.png⮕ You have successfully inserted or replaced the logo and the banner.

Insert or Replace Hero Images

  1. To insert or replace a Hero image, go to the Profile tab in the Online Sales Channel and tap on Edit-15.png in the Hero Images section.
    3_EN.png⮕ The Online Presence - Edit window opens.
  2. Tap on FolderOpen-15.png in the left column to upload your hero image.
  3. Select the Hero image you want to use. 
    ⮕ This subsequently also appears in the right-hand column.
  4. Confirm by tapping on NavbarCheckmark-15.png
    4_EN.png⮕ You have successfully added your Hero images.

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