Staff Member Deactivate Cash Management

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Have you assigned a Cash Container to one of your Staff members and want to undo this setting? In this How-To you will find out how this can be done in just a few steps. 

There are different ways to manage cash in enforePOS. If you want to manage your cash centrally at a Cash Register and not in Cash Containers assigned to Staff members, deactivate this in the settings of your Cash Register. We explain how it works here. 


  • Your employees have their own accounts
  • You have assigned Cash Containers to one or more Staff members.
  1. Open Business Account > Staff Members in the POS menu. 
  2. Select the account of the Staff member for whom you want to change the settings. 
    ⮕ The window of the selected Staff member opens. 

  3. Switch to the Cash Container tab.
    ⮕ Here you can see whether the Staff member manages a Cash Container and, if so, which one. 

  4. Tap on No Cash Management.
    ⮕The setting is applied immediately. The Staff member no longer manages their own Cash Container. 
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