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You want to add a variant to an already created sales item because you have noticed that a small portion of this sales item is often ordered? With the function Add Price Variant, this is easily possible. In this How-To, we'll show you how to do it. 


  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Items.
  2. Select the sales items of which you want to create a price variant. 
    ⮕ The window of the corresponding sales item opens. 
  3. Tap on [Add Price Variant].
    ⮕ The Create Price Variant window opens.
  4. In the Identity step, assign a name for the variant. 
    Optionally, you can add an article ID and an assembly location.
  5. Tap on [Next].
  6. Set the price for the variant in the Pricing step.
  7. Tap on [Complete].
    ⮕ The window closes. 
    ⮕ The variant is displayed on the sales item.  

    A maximum of 5 price variants can be edited after they have been created. More than 5 price variants are not displayed in the sales items settings.

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