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You have already created a sales items and now want to edit it? We show how to do this in enforePOS.


  1. To edit a sales item, open Sales > Sales Items in the POS menu.
  2. Tap on the sales item you want to edit. 
    ⮕ The sales item details window opens.

Overview Details

Add an image to a sales item

  1. Tap on the image next to the name of the sales item. 
    ⮕ A window in which images can be added opens. 
  2. Use the integrated Google image search or upload the desired image in your MacOS/Windows client. 

    Note that most images are copyrighted. Make sure to use only your own or royalty-free images. 

  3. Select the image you want in the left pane. 
  4. Tap on NavbarCheckmark-15.png to save your change. 
    ⮕ The image was added to the product. 

Edit the identity of a sales item 

  1. To change basic information about the sales item, tap on Edit-15.png.
    ⮕ The Edit customer identity window opens.
  2. Here, you can make the following changes or add information:
    • Name: Here you can rename the sales item.
    • Brand: Add the sales item brand here.
    • Manufacturer: In this field, you can specify the manufacturer.
    • Sales Item number: Here, you can enter the article number or change the entered article number.
    • EAN: Here you can add the sales item identification number.
      By default, the sales item identifier EAN is displayed here, but you can change it by tapping on +.
    • Assembly locations: If you have multiple assembly locations, you can specify where you want to sell the sales item.
  3. To save your changes, tap on [Confirm].

Tab Sales

In the Sales tab, you can make the following changes:

You want to change the tax rate of your sales items e.g. to reduced tax? You can find out how here.

To learn how to add a price variant in this window, click here.

Learn how to create an Take Away price here.

You want to assign different prices per sales channel? You can find out how here.

If you want to apply discounts for this sales item, leave the Do not apply discounts option unchecked.

If you do not want to apply discounts for this sales items, check the Do not apply discounts option.

Tab Purchase

In the Purchasing tab, you can add or edit the following information:

In the field Purchasing unit  you can enter the purchasing unit of the sales item. 

In the Purchase price/unit field, you specify the purchase price per purchase unit.

If the sales item is available for purchase from the supplier, check the Available for purchase option.

In the Suppliers section you can add an already created supplier. You will learn here how to create a supplier. 

How to set different purchase prices per supplier is explained here.

Tab Stock


You can find here how to manage the inventory of your sales item.

Tab Conversions

In the Conversions tab, you can combine goods into packages and define transformations

Tab Features


You can create features as well as edit these features afterwards.

Tab Related


In the Related tab, you can add a related sales item, a sales item recommended for purchase or even a deposit. How to create a deposit as a sales item and add it to a sales item is explained here. 

Tab Info

In the Tags field, you can add keywords, so-called tags, to your sales items in order them to link them with coupons later on. 

You can offer more sales items details to your customers in the Infos tab:
In the Short description field, you can add a summary of the sales item. Save the input by tapping on NavbarCheckmark-15.png.

If necessary, you can also add a more detailed description in the Description field. Likewise, save the input by tapping on NavbarCheckmark-15.png. These texts will be displayed to your customers in your enforePOS Online Store in the sales item detail page. 

You can also add multiple sales items images in the Product Media section to give your customers a better visual impression of the sales item. 

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