Create, Check in and Check out Service Reservations

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You have already created personal services as well as the corresponding staff members, and now your customer wants to reserve a service with you, such as a haircut? You will learn how to do that in this How-To. 

Reserve a Personal Service

For example, if you want to add a telephone reservation, you work with the Reservations module in enforePOS.

  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations > Inbox.
  2. To add a reservation, tap on Add.svg in the left column.
    Screenshot⮕ The Select window opens.
  3. Select the service you would like to reserve here.Screenshot⮕ The Details window opens. If you have already created the customer, follow steps 4 and 5. If you haven't created the customer yet, skip steps 4 and 5.
  4. If you have already created the caller as a customer in enforePOS, the customer list will be displayed when you start typing the name in the Add Customer... field.
  5. Then select the customer that appears in the list.
  6. If you haven't created the customer yet, enter the name of the customer in the Add Customer... field.
  7. Tap on Create New Customer to add the name and contact details at this point.Screenshot⮕ The Create Private Customer window opens.
  8. Enter the customer's mobile phone, home phone, email or home address here. 

    You must fill in only one of the four fields.

  9. Confirm your entry with [Create Customer].Screenshot⮕ You have now successfully created the private customer.
  10. Enter the following information here:
    • Start: Specify here when the reservation will start.
    • End: Indicate here when the reservation will end.
    • Duration: Specify here how long the table will be reserved.
    • via: Indicate here how you received the reservation (e.g. via phone or email). 
    • Optionally you can enter special requests. Tap on Special to do this.
  11. To confirm the entries in the Details window, tap on [Save].Screenshot⮕ The Reservation Details window opens.
  12. Assign your reservation to an available staff member by selecting a staff member.
    If no staff member is available, you can put the customer on the waiting list.
    If you want to assign the reservation later, select the [Requested] option.
    ⮕ The staff member is marked as booked and highlighted in green.
  13. Tap on [Confirm].Screenshot
    ⮕ The reservation has been successfully assigned to the staff member. If you have entered the customer's mobile phone number, enforePOS will send a confirmation SMS. Your customer can access the detailed reservation confirmation via the link in the SMS. In addition, the appointment can be saved in the calendar of the smartphone.

Check In Reservation

When your customer shows up on the day of the reservation, your first step is to check in the reservation. To do this, either open the Confirmed tab in Reservations > Inbox or open Reservations > Active Reservations.

  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations > Active Reservations.
  2. Select the reservation in the column on the right.Screenshot
  3. Tap on [Check in]. Screenshot⮕ The reservation is marked as Checked In.

    If the customer has arrived but the table is not yet free, select the [Arrived] option.

Check Out Reservation and Collect Service

Your client got his haircut and now you want to collect for the service? To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations > Active Reservations
  2. Select the service reservation you want to check out and collect.Screenshot

    Alternatively, you can access the reservation from your reservation calendar and check in or out from there. You can open the reservation calendar under Reservations > Active Reservations > Calendar overview.

    Screenshot ⮕ The reservation window opens.
  3. Tap [Check out].Screenshot⮕ Your completed service reservation has been loaded into the cash register.Screenshot
    From there, you can optionally add other care products that you recommended during the service. 
  4. To add an additional care product, tap on the sales item. Screenshot
    You can optionally assign this purchase to a staff member if you have made the appropriate settings.  
  5. To do this, optionally tap the sales member to whom you want to assign the purchase.Screenshot⮕ The sales item has been successfully added to the cash register and assigned to a staff member.
    Now you can collect the order as usual. 

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