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In the Sales Items tab, you determine which sales items that have already been created should be available for sales on the respective sales channel.

You can access the Sales Items tab in the POS menu via Sales > Sales channels.
Then, in the left pane, select the POS location for which you want to make settings. 


  1. To add sales items that you want to sell via this sales channel, tap [+ Add Sales Items sold via this Sales Channel].Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-13_um_16.45.25.png ⮕ The Select Sales Items sold via this Sales Channel window opens.
  2. Select the desired sales items for your sales channel. The selected sales items are identified by the blue tick.
  3. Confirm your selection with [Confirm Selected Items] or [Confirm All Items].Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-13_um_16.46.34.png  ⮕ You have successfully added the selected sales items to your sales channel. 

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