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Do you want your online presence to be found in Google search results to attract new customers? Verify your website by confirming your website ownership, i.e. your property, in Google Search Console. This confirmation as the owner of your website (enfore domain) is required to receive a verification code, which you can then enter into enforePOS. This indexes your online presence on Google.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to verify your online presence on Facebook to sell your sales items via Facebook or Instagram. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you only need to verify yourself with Facebook.
You can find more information about this in the FAQ What are the benefits of verifying my website on Facebook?.

Note that by entering the verification code in enforePOS, you are only enabling the appearance of your online presence in Google search results. Our recommendations for a better listing in Google search results can be found in the FAQ How can customers find my online presence via Google search?

In this How-To, you will learn how to verify your enfore online presence with Google in just a few steps and how to enter the verification codes received from Google and Facebook into enforePOS.

Google Verification 


  • You have a Google account

To verify your enfore online presence and enter your verification code into enforePOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the website
  2. Tap on Start Now
  3. Log in to Google with your email address and password. 
  4. Select the property type URL prefix.
  5. Enter the URL of your enfore online presence in the Enter URL field. 
  6. Tap on [Continue].Bildschirmfoto ⮕ The Verify ownership window opens. 
  7. Choose HTML tag.
  8. Copy the meta tag. You only need the code in brackets.

    Only the code highlighted in bold is relevant for verification: <meta name="google-site-verification" content=" G1O8PrLB_VTrRNRnVaTIlrKAJ3OZlmtrqofkqvxxx "/

  9. To enter this code in enforePOS, open Sales > Sales Channels in the POS menu.
  10. Select your online sales channel in the left column. 
    ⮕ The General tab is displayed.
  11. Tap on the Google Verification Code field in the Website Verification section.
  12. Enter your Google verification code in this field.
  13. To save your input, tap on Return__1_.png. Bildschirmfoto
    ⮕ You have successfully added your Google verification code to enforePOS.
  14. Return to the Google website.
  15. Tap on [Confirm].Bildschirmfoto
    ⮕ Your website ownership has been confirmed.Bildschirmfoto

    If you are also asked for your sitemap, you can easily access it via
    All configured online presence modules as well as all top-level categories of your store are listed there with the local prefixes for the languages German, English, French and Italian (de, en, fr, it). You can copy them and enter them into the respective field.

Facebook Verification

To verify your enfore online presence with Facebook Business Manager, follow the steps on the Facebook page. After successful verification, you will receive a verification code from Facebook, which you then enter into enforePOS.


To enter the verification code you received from Facebook into enforePOS, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Facebook and Instagram Verification Code field under the Website Verification section.
  2. Enter your Facebook verification code in this field.
  3. To save your input, tap on Return__1_.png. Bildschirmfoto ⮕ You have successfully added your Facebook and Instagram verification code to enforePOS.

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