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Would you like to ensure that there is always enough change in your Staff members wallets? For example, should there always be a maximum of 500 euros in your Cash Register for security reasons? In enforePOS you can easily set a minimum as well as a maximum amount of Cash for your Cash Containers. 

These amounts can then not be exceeded or undercut with Cash deposits or drawings. In the user rights, you can specify persons or authorization levels who can withdraw or deposit cash, even if the specified levels are exceeded or not reached.


  • You have activated Cash Management

Set a Minimum and Maximum Cash Balance

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Accounting.  
  2. In the left area, tap the gear next to your location. 
    ⮕ A window with the name of your location opens.
  3. In the Minimum Cash Balance field, enter the amount that must not be undercut for your Cash Container. In the example we set 100 euros. 
  4. In the Maximum Cash Balance field, enter the amount that must not be undercut for your Cash Container. In the example we set 500 euros. 

    You don't have to fill out both fields. You can also set a minimum or maximum amount of Cash. 

  5. Tap the NavbarCheckmark-15.png.

    ⮕ The settings have been adopted. Withdrawals or deposits of Cash are now only possible if this means that the minimum amount of Cash is not fallen below or the maximum amount is not exceeded. 

    You can, however, specify persons in the User Rights who can allow falling below or exceeding the limit.

Allow falling below or exceeding 

Assign User Rights

  1. Open Business Account > User Access Rights in the POS menu. 
  2. Switch to the Sales tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Cash Transactions section.
  4. Tap the Minimum and Maximum Cash Balance may be exceeded field. 
    ⮕ The Minimum and Maximum Cash Balance may be exceeded window opens. 

  5. Determine who is entitled to fall below or exceed the Balance.
  6. Tap on [Confirm].
    ⮕ The User Right has been saved. The person(s) can now allow the Balance to be exceeded or undercut. 

Exceeding or falling below the Minimum or Maximum Cash Balance

You are trying to make a Cash Transaction where you have exceeded or fallen below the Minimum or Maximum Cash Balance. 

  1. Perform a Cash withdrawal or deposit as usual.
    ⮕ You will receive a notification that your Cash Transaction is below or above the specified amount.
  2. Tap on [Yes].
    ⮕ The Access Right required window opens. All persons who are authorized to allow falling below / exceeding are displayed here. 

  3. Tap the person's name. 
    ⮕ The Login window opens. 

  4. Ask the relevant person to enter their password. 
  5. Tap on [Login].
    ⮕ The Cash Transaction has been carried out. 

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