How do I prepare for the installation?

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It's almost time - you've already received your installation appointment from our Care Team and now you want to know what happens next? There are some preparations you can do before the installation. This preparation is particularly useful in order to gain initial experience on your own and to take full advantage of the installation date for more relevant topics.

In three steps, you are ready for the installation:

Wire enfore device

You can take care of wiring your enfore device. You will find a quick start guide in the scope of delivery of your enfore device. 
If you have an enforeDasher, feel free to check out the How-Tos enforeDasher set up/installation and enforeDasher wiring.

If you have an enforeComet, feel free to check out the How-Tos Set Up enforeComet with Spacers and Wire up enforeComet

Set up a Network Connection

After you have turned on your enfore device, you can connect to your LAN or WLAN network.  

Set up Business Account

The last thing you can do is to set up your business account. We'll show you how to set up your Business Account in the How-To Create a new Business Account.


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