Integrate Online Presence into External Websites

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With enforePOS, you have the possibility to integrate your online presence or your online store into an external website. This way you can present your store or reservation modules to customers and encourage them to visit these modules. 


  1. To allow embedding your modules in external websites, open Sales > Sales Channels in the POS menu.
  2. Choose your online sales channel.
  3. In the General tab, enable the Integrate modules into external pages option. Bildschirmfoto
  4. Tap on the Hosts field to enter the external website into enforePOS. Bildschirmfoto
  5. Tap on [+ Add host]. Bildschirmfoto
    ⮕ The Add host window opens.
  6. Enter the web address of your external website.
  7. Tap on [Confirm]. Bildschirmfoto⮕ You have successfully added the host.
  8. Open the page your enfore-website/home/embedding
    There you can choose modules that you want to include in the external website. With your settings, you generate a script that you insert into the HTML code of your website. 
  9. Choose the module (reservation or store) you want to include in the external website.
  10. Optionally add a label to the button in the Button Label field if you don't want to display the module as an icon. 
    If you want to display the module as an icon, leave the button label empty. 
  11. In the Window Position field, optionally choose how you want to position the window. 
    If you want the window to open across the entire width, leave the window position blank.
  12. If you want the module window to always start from the home page when you open it, check the Always restart from module home option. 
  13. If you want to add another module that you have created to your online presence, tap on [+ Add Another Module].
    ⮕ The window expands with additional fields. Repeat steps 9 to 12 for the other module.Bildschirmfoto
  14. In the Button Position field, specify where you want to place the button (if button label is filled in).
  15. In the Close Window Button Position field, specify where you want to position the button to close the window.
  16. Activate the Use Dark Buttons option if you want to display your buttons in a dark background color. If this option is not enabled, the buttons will be displayed in white.
  17. If you don't want your customers to be asked for cookies when opening the module, enable the Do not show cookies consent popup when opening embedded in iframe option.
  18. Tap on Copy Script Tag to copy the script tag to the clipboard. Bildschirmfoto
  19. Open the HTML code of your external web page.
  20. Add the script element to the end of your HTML body element.

    If you have any questions about copying the script element into the HTML code of your external web page, contact

    ⮕ You have successfully integrated your enfore online presence into your external website.

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