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This How-To describes new functions and workflows that are only available in enforePOS 2. This version is exclusively available to customers participating in the enforePOS 2 Early Access program.

Working despite a lack of internet connection? This possible with enforePOS 2: The offline capability allows you to run many workflows temporarily without a network connection. For example, you can take orders or check out orders in cash. 

In this How-To, we have summarized exactly which work steps are also possible offline with enforePOS:

Functionality Online Offline

Take orders

Check out orders in cash

Check out orders with card


Remove individual order items in the basket

Apply auxiliary functions of the order taking (minus posting, multiplier)

Create Customer


Working with the floor plan

Edit customer profile  

Select / change / remove customers

Work with promotions


Process open orders of the selected customer

View the history


Work with tags

Switch between orders with the order switcher

Create split or collective settlement

Add a sales item by item number

Add a sales item by scanning the barcode

Rebook orders to other tables


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