Put an enforePOS Device without a Cash Register Function back into Operation

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A cash register that has been taken out of service can be put back into service with a new identity. In this How-To, we will show you how to do this.


To put the cash register you took out of service back into operation, proceed as follows:

      1. Connect the enforePOS device without cash register function.
      2. Start the enforePOS device.
      3. In the Login window, choose whether you want to log in with your email address or with your username and password. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.20.21.png
      4. Enter your credentials.
      5. Tap on [Login]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.21.23.png
      6. Choose for which POS location you want to set up your enforePOS device. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.22.49.png
      7. Tap [Do not set up a cash register]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.46.39.png
      8. Tap [Restore Existing Device]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.50.33.png
      9. Select the cash register you want to put back into operation. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.53.01.png
      10. Tap [Complete]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.54.55.png
      11. From the POS menu, open the Sales module. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_11.56.47.png
      12. Tap the [Create new register] button below the notice. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_12.14.12.png ⮕ The Setup Cash Register window opens.
      13. Enter the following data:
        • Cash register name: Enter the name of the register here.
        • Cash register type: Specify here whether the cash register is a Sales or Gastro register.
        • Sales type: Specify the sales type of the register (Over the Counter, Pickup, Delivery) here.
      14. Tap on [Next]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_12.15.24.png
      15. If your enforePOS device has a cash container, tap [Cash Drawer]. If not, tap on [No Cash Management]. In our example, we choose the cash drawer. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_12.16.47.png
      16. Tap [Complete]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_12.17.18.png
      17. To be able to use the cash register, tap on [Start business day]. Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_12.18.02.png You have successfully put your cash register back into service.

After recommissioning, the following happens or is necessary:

  • The Z-reports start again at 1.
  • In the DATEV export, the decommissioning is reported when carrying out a cash withdrawal. The DATEV export continues to be recorded.
  • Both the invoices and the order numbers start again at 1.
  • Device gets a new device number and/or identifier.
  • A new TSE license is required for recommissioning.
  • The cash must be re-entered, since the cash balance cannot be transferred from the previous cash register (old identity).

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