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You are responsible for your POS location and want to centrally close the business day for all devices at the end of the business day? With enforePOS this is possible. In this How-To, you will get an overview of the end of the business day.


  • You have the appropriate user rights / are the owner

Owners are always authorized to trigger the daily close and centrally close the business day of the POS location. 

In order to start the daily close and to centrally close the business day of the location, either All staff members or Selected staff members must be activated in the POS menu under Business Account > User Access Rights > Sales > Functions Accounting > Close Location Business Day

If you do not want to make any more bookings and want to close the location business day centrally, do the following:

  1. Start the daily close.
  2. All staff members finish their shift and close their business day.
  3. Finish your own shift and close your business day.
  4. Close the Location Business Day.

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