What receipt types can be issued in enforePOS?

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With enforePOS, you can issue receipts to your customers in a variety of ways. From paperless and environmentally friendly digital receipts via QR code, SMS or email, to formal receipts with a specified invoice address - with enforePOS, you can fully align yourself with your customers' wishes.

You can also generate an invoice and issue it to your customer at a later time. You can find out how to do this in the How-To Print Invoice or Receipt Later.

You have the following options to issue a receipt to your customers:

Receipt via SMS

enforePOS automatically generates a receipt for each completed order, which you can send to your customers via SMS. To learn how to send a receipt via SMS, see the How-To Send Invoice/Receipt via SMS.

Receipt by Email

By entering the customer's email address, you can also send the respective receipt by email. You can find out more about this in the How-To Send Invoice/Receipt by Email.

Printed Receipt

If your customer wants a printed receipt, you can use the Printout option to print out a receipt. In the How-To Add a Receipt Printer to the enforePOS Business Account, we explain how to add a receipt printer to your business account.

Formal Invoice

Your customer wants to receive a formal invoice? With enforePOS, you can issue formal invoices to your customers by indicating an invoice address. For more information, see the How-To Print Formal Invoice at the Cash Register.

Entertainment Expense Receipt

With the Entertainment Expense Receipt option, you can also issue a receipt to your customer in accordance with Section 4 (5) No. 2 of the German Income Tax Act (EStG). 

You do not need to specify an invoice recipient for an entertainment expense receipt. If you want to print an entertainment expense receipt including an invoice recipient, select both options: Invoice Address and Entertainment Expense Receipt

Issue Receipt via QR Code

The QR code in enforePOS allows your customers to scan their receipt with their smartphone. When the QR code is scanned, the receipt opens as a PDF file. 

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