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You've taken your guests' pre-orders for their reservations, and now? In enforePOS you can export a production list so that you can plan several days in advance and have the ingredients to prepare what the customers want.

From this list, you can see in detail which dishes have been pre-ordered or how the orders have come in. This gives you a perfect overview of your production planning and lets you know exactly what source materials you need for the day.

You can only export your pre-orders to a Windows or Mac client.


  • You have a Gastro cash register
  • In case of a reservation, you have stored the pre-orders of your guests in enforePOS
  • In case of an on-site pickup or delivery order, you have done the following:
    • You have taken the order by tapping Take Order in the cash register
  • In case of an online pickup or delivery order, you have done the following:
    • You have deactivated the Confirmation Required option in the POS menu under Order Management > Order Settings for the online sales channel in the Delivery or Pickup tab.
  1. In the POS menu, open Order Management > Order History.
  2. To export your pre-orders, tap Export__1_.svg in the upper right corner. Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-16_um_10.01.53.png ⮕ The Export window opens.
  3. Select the date (start date) from which you want to export the pre-orders.
  4. Select the date (end date) to which you want to export the pre-orders.
  5. Under Order Types, select which order types to export (pickup and delivery orders or reservations).
  6. Select the Export Inventory items option if you want to export Inventory sales items in addition to Build To Order sales items.
  7. Tap NavbarCheckmark-2.svg to export the pre-orders from the specified time period. Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-16_um_10.02.27.png ⮕ The Production Export window opens.
  8. Optionally, you can rename the export folder. 
  9. Optionally, you can change the export location on your Windows or Mac device. 
  10. Tap [Save]. Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-16_um_10.02.49.png ⮕ You have successfully exported your pre-orders for the specified time period.
  11. Tap [Confirm]. Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-16_um_10.03.15.png ⮕ You can find the export of your pre-orders in your selected location.

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