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In the External Payments overview, in addition to an external payment method, you can also create an external invoicing method. This allows you to create invoices to be settled and collected outside of enforePOS.

For example, if you use an invoicing system other than enforePOS, but still want to store the associated services or sales items in enforePOS, you can select the external invoicing method in the payment window and reference and document it in enforePOS. You can then view and export these reference transactions in your accounting under Sales > Sales history.

(With an advanced external invoicing method, you can also connect custom workflow integrations for external invoicing systems. This means that payments and settlements are no longer made in enforePOS, but externally. Through the connection, the information is passed to the external invoicing system.)

(With the extended external invoicing/invoicing method, no reference transactions are stored in enforePOS or invoices are generated, i.e. you cannot view the external invoices under Sales > History. enforePOS only enables the connection to external invoicing systems).

Add External Invoicing

To create an external invoicing, follow these steps:

  1. Open Business Account > Configurations in the POS menu.
  2. Switch to the External Payments overview.
  3. Tap on [+ Add External Payment Methods].
    1_EN.png⮕ The Add External Payment Methods window opens.
  4. Tap on Invoicing. 2_EN.png⮕ The External Invoicing Method window opens. 
  5. Enter Name: Enter the name of the external invoicing method. In this example, we assign the name To the room.
  6. External Identifier: Optionally add the external ID.
  7. Requires External Reference: Check this option if you want to request an external reference when paying with the external invoicing method.

    Optionally add a picture by tapping on the icon in the upper left corner. 
    Then select an image. 
    Save the image by tapping on it.

  8. To save your settings, tap on NavbarCheckmark-15.png.
    3_EN.png⮕ You have successfully created an external invoicing method. 

Add External Invoicing Method to the Order Taking Module

To be able to select your external invoicing method in the payment process of your order taking module, you must first link the external invoicing to your order taking module. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Business Account > Configurations in the POS menu.
  2. Select the order taking module to which you want to add the external invoicing method. In this case, we choose Over the Counter.
  3. Switch to the Payment tab.
  4. Tap on [+ Add Payment Method] in the Payment Methods section.
    4_EN.png⮕ The Add Payment Method window opens. In this window you will see the external payment methods you have created.
  5. Select your external invoicing method.
  6. Tap on [Confirm].5_EN.png⮕ You have added the external invoicing method to your order taking module. It will be displayed at the bottom of the Payment Methods section.6_EN.png

Change the Order of Payment Methods in the Order Taking Module

  1. If you want to move the external invoicing method to a higher position in the order taking module, e.g. because most of your customers order to their rooms, press and hold the three bars OPRSideMenuOpen.svg on the external invoicing method and move it to the desired position. 7_EN.png
  2. Once you have moved the external invoicing method to the desired position, release the button. 

    Cash is the only payment method that cannot be moved. It is always placed at the top of the list. Therefore, the external invoicing method cannot be moved to the top.

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