Track the Stock of Inventory Sales Items

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You want to track the stock of your inventory sales items and with each sale the stock should be adjusted accordingly? No problem at all with enforePOS. To do this, we have made the Track Inventory feature available in the settings of each sales item in the POS menu under Sales > Sales items > Inventory in the Stock tab: Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_09.43.34.png

If the function is not activated, the stock will not be reduced automatically when the sales item is sold!

Enable stock taking tracking for multiple inventory sales items

Do you already have existing inventory sales items and want to track the stock of all your sales items? In this How-To we explain how you can activate the function in just a few steps.


  • You have created inventory sales items
  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Items.
  2. Tap the Bulk Edit Products button at the top of the screen. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_09.58.01.png ⮕ The Edit multiple products window opens.
  3. Tap on the Resource Type button. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_09.58.53.png ⮕ The Resource type window opens.
  4. Select the Inventory option.
  5. Confirm with SingleSelectionCheck__1_.svg. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_09.59.50.png ⮕ The Resource type window closes.
  6. In the Edit multiple products window, tap on [Execute on all]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_10.03.40.png ⮕ The Choose action window opens.
  7. Select the option Track inventory. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_10.24.29.png

    If this option does not appear, contact our enforeCare team at to obtain the appropriate client.

    ⮕ The Track inventory window opens.
  8. Enable the option Track inventory.
  9. To perform the action, tap on [Execute Action]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_10.25.45.png
  10. To confirm the following message, tap on [Confirm]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-27_um_10.26.44.png An overview of updated inventory sales items will be sent to your staff member account email address.

    Depending on the number of your inventory sales items, this may take a while.

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