Why is my payment module not yet commissioned?

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No problem. It looks like the configuration for card payment has not been finalized yet. Before you can use the card payment feature, there are a few more steps you need to take:

  1. Enter into a card payment agreement with one of our card payment providers.
  2. Complete enfore's Card Payment Agreement and send it to our enforeCare team at care@enfore.com.
  3. Let us do the card payment configuration in your business account.

Detailed information about card payments with enforePOS and rates can be found on the enforePOS Payment Processing information page.

You have followed all steps and the status message still occurs? In this case, proceed as follows:

  1. Contact our enforeCare team at care@enfore.com. Tell us what status message you got on your enfore device and describe in detail what happened. Please also provide us with the serial number of your customer display with payment function and the number of your contract with the payment provider.
  2. Send a bug report to our enforeCare team. To do this, tap on the information icon in the upper right corner of the POS menu under Sales > Sales Settings. Tell us in the error description field which status message you got displayed on your enfore device.


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